Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Presidents seeks to spy on our mail without a warrant

I just discovered that the President of the United States added another of his famous "signing statements" to the recently passed Postal Reform Bill. In this statement, he asserts the right to open our mail for any reason, without any judicial review.

Opening our mail without a warrant? What's next? Inspecting our private parts without a medical degree?

This time the President has gone too far. Speaking as a letter carrier and as an employee of the United States Postal Service, I want to tell this insane and illegitimate President that I will never, under any circumstances, surrender anyone's mail to anyone for any reason, without a court order, signed by a judge. The security of our mail is one of our most important freedoms, and without it, freedom of speech simply cannot survive.

Claiming that he has the power to open our mail without a warrant, in direct violation of the law just passed by Congress, is a direct challenge to the Constitution of the United States, and will undoubtedly provoke a serious reaction from postal workers, and postal customers, nationwide.

This is one postal worker that refuses to submit quietly to tyranny. Hopefully I am not the only one. I would encourage every other postal worker who reads this to speak out, and loudly, until this statement is retracted.

As far as why the President feels the need to inspect our mail without a warrant, ask yourself why would he do that? Could it be that he doesn't want a judge knowing who he's spying on?

Maybe he wants to be able to open John Conyer's mail without a judge knowing about it. Considering all the investigations the Democrats will soon be conducting, should we really let the President get away with snooping on our mail, above everything else he's already gotten away with?

Jeff Richardson
Delegate to the AFL-CIO
National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 130
Tacoma, WA

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Angie said...

I just went to the University Street Branch this morning to ask why my QVC package was opened and resealed with scotch tape. The powdered women's makeup was missing, only the Bare Essentials brochure remained. My spouse was at home when the package was delivered. So we know no one had possession of it other than the US Post Office. The company claims its not them.

Question: When has powdered women's make-up become illegal contraband.