Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Contact Us!

Please send us an email at tahomaactivist@yahoo.com - anything you send us might be put up on the site, so let us know if that is NOT okay. We won't share your private details with anybody, so don't worry about that.

Keep up the great work!


Myra99 said...
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Jeffrey Richardson said...

Sorry, Myra, if you go on too long it muddies up the page. Please keep your comments concise and on message. Thanks for including our site in your compilation, and we'll take a look at some of that stuff you sent us.


BlueBerry Pick'n said...

Jeffrey! great call on Hartmann!

the US postal service union is THE best friend of the People.

You should host a documentary potluck night, some of these could be broadcast in a lunchroom...

Maybe some Howard Zinn?

How about The Corporation or The End of Suburbia, or America: "Freedom to Fascism"?

Of course, Thom has some great documentaries, too.

This is one of my favourite audio files. its not a bad place to start.

Credit-Based Prosperity - A Currency in Decline & SugarWater: Seven Days at MINIMUM WAGE: eDoc series

Chomsky: on Labour-market Flexibility

Spread Love...
... but wear the Glove!

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