Sunday, January 7, 2007

What can I do?

That's the question you may be asking yourself, now that you know what the President has decided to do. Opening our mail without a warrant? How can we possibly stop that from happening?

Here are a few ideas that I've tried and you may want to also try:

Call in to your favorite radio show
Write a letter to the editor of your local paper/s or union newsletter on the subject
Bring up the issue as a point of discussion or as a resolution against at your union meeting or AFL-CIO meeting
Call your members of Congress
Stage a demonstration - pick a catchy slogan, make t-shirts, round up a gaggle of radicals to storm your congressmember's local district office, whatever
Tell your friends and family
Tell your coworkers

For talking points on the issue, check out some of the links we've listed on our News Links page. There you'll find plenty of articles as well as a few opinion pieces on the issue.

If you come up with something that isn't on this list, or you'd like to tell us about it and even get your letter printed here, send all correspondence to


Anonymous said...

Just heard you on Thom Hartmann (sunday morning rerun). Hope everything works out, rock on.

Newsguy said...

THis is a great idea. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I will do everything I can in my small way to help. --Russ

Newsguy said...

Jeffrey, your blog inspired me to update my profile highlighting my union membership. I am a strong union guy. I especially liked the apple peeler comment in your profile section. I have been thinking of starting a whole Web site just dedicated to labor union issues.

Jeffrey Richardson said...

Right on, News Guy! That's great! Our unions are the most important democratic organizations in our society, because they reflect the constant tension between self-interest and the broader interests of all workers. That tension can be frustrating when you're interested in building international solidarity, but it's also what gives them their credibility. Getting more involved is so important, and something that any union worker can do RIGHT NOW. No need to wait until election season - the time is now to take action!

Bill Wheeler said...

Keep up the good fight. Things are changing. This country woke up on 11/07/2006. And they were angry.

I'm management, not union. However, constitutional rights are for all. If you ignore them, they WILL go away.


Bill said...

Updated my web address: