Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Postal workers should oppose Bush's treason

Here's the latest letter I've sent to the News Tribune on this issue:

I'm a letter carrier here in Tacoma. Recently, President Bush's signing statement authorizing the opening of citizens' mail without a warrant has me extremely concerned.

Today I had the opportunity to confront the new Postmaster of Tacoma during work. I asked her directly whether this signing statement truly allowed the President to do this.

She said no. She said that the President misspoke, and that the media had blown this into a bigger deal than it really is.

Why don't I believe her? Could it be because the President has already been caught admitting that he's spied on Americans without warrants?

This is one postal worker who won't take it lying down.


Anonymous said...
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Jeffrey Richardson said...

Attention, anonymous freepers:

Please don't leave obnoxious comments that don't enhance the debate. If you have serious questions, feel free to ask them, but don't flame the site.

You can also send us email, and we can discuss the issue that way.

Uncle Sam said...
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Jeffrey Richardson said...

Amazingly, "Uncle Sam" left a comment on our blog! It was a fairly incoherent piece, but here's the most substantive portion:

"If Muhammed gets a letter from Osama..I say open it. No one is going to open your union bulletin".

I can respond to this criticism in this way: I don't trust the President to follow this policy in exactly the same way he says he will. The President of the United States chose not to protect us from a terrorist attack on September Eleventh. He lied us into a war. He has wiretapped people without judicial review.

The only reason the leader of a country would have for wiretapping people without warrant is if they thought they couldn't get them. The only reason you couldn't get a warrant to track terrorists is if the people you want to track have no connection to terrorism.

Since Ted Kennedy's computer was hacked by political opponents, and they haven't seen prison time, I have very little faith that Bush's "Justice" department will use this power judiciously. Since I am a political opponent of Bush, the GOP, and the rest of the fascistic corporate elite and their desire to crush unions, I am at risk of this kind of surveillance. If I don't want to be spied on for exercising constitutionally protected speech, I certainly don't want the President to spy on anyone else, without a warrant.

I think that's fair. Your position, that I shouldn't run this blog because I'm some kind of Communist, reflects a lack of understanding of how the Constitution works.

Anonymous said...

Clinton depleted our military because he "didn't see any threats". He depleted our intelligence resources even more drastically. No wonder these depleted agencies told Bush there were weapons of mass destruction still around. Hardly Bushes fault. Anyway, that was only the last reason before we went in not the only reason we went in. For about 10 years they were ordered to follow the U.N. resolutions which they refused to do repeatedly. We would have been justified going in if they had refused to follow just one of the resolutions yet they were refusing several dozen. Besides that when I was growing up we said "never again" when dealing with holacosts but now we seem to be OK with just watching.

Jeffrey Richardson said...

Okay great. Totally off-topic, but at least there were no ad hominem attacks.

I disagree with pretty much all of it on substantive factual grounds, but since this site is focused on illegal opening of mail, I'm just gonna let it go.