Sunday, May 27, 2007

Washington Letter Carriers defy Presidential authority to open mail without warrant

Alright! Looks like our activism finally paid off. After passing the initial resolution in Tacoma's NALC Branch 130, the resolution was approved and passed at Convention in SeaTac this past May 20th. This means that all union officers in the State are encouraged strongly to speak with their elected representatives about this issue, which is more than we could have anticipated a few short months ago.

What it all means

This means that both the Pierce County Central Labor Council (a local branch of the AFL-CIO) and the WSALC have come out against this practice. With just a little publicity, and the passage of a similar resolution at the State AFL-CIO Convention this summer, this could really make an impact back in the other Washington. I would urge anyone who cares about this issue to contact us here and to spread the word about this to anyone you know who has a relationship with members of Congress or who is an active postal worker. We need folks to help us with this movement.

Contracting Out

On a related note, the opening of mail without a warrant isn't the only thing postal workers need to be concerned about. There is also a very real threat to our jobs in the form of Contract Delivery Services. If you haven't yet heard, the Postal Board of Governors has signed off on a pilot program of contracting out letter carrier routes to independent contractors. Though this program is starting small, it has the potential to strip jobs and benefit protections away from thousands of letter carriers nationwide. Look into this issue, because it affects not only our jobs but also the safety and the security of the mail. Next time you talk to a member of Congress or their staff, please encourage them to co-sponsor HR 282, which will stop this practice and protect us from further privatization.

Toll-free number for Congress: 1-800-862-5530

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