Friday, May 25, 2007

Full text of resolution passed at WSALC Convention 2007

Here's the full text of the resolution we passed at the Washington State Association of Letter Carriers Convention May 20th, 2007.

Oppose Searches of US Mail in Postal Custody Without a Warrant The President of the United States has attached a signing statement to HR 6407 "The Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act" and

It has been a long-standing practice that first class mail is protected from unreasonable search and seizure when in postal custody and

Allowing unauthorized and/or unreasonable searches and seizures of mail could threaten the integrity of those entrusted to deliver mail to our customers and

Allowing the President to engage in this practice threatens the ability of workers and organizers to operate without fear of being punished for their actions, and

Whereas: The high esteem of America's postal workers could be threatened if our customers believe we might be opening their mail, therefore be it

Resolved: That we oppose any interpretation of the President's signing statement that extends the power of the executive branch to open mail in the custody of the postal service beyond what is authorized, and be it further resolved

Resolved: That the Washington State Association of Letter Carriers in Convention assembled on the 18th, 19th, and 20th of May, 2007 in SeaTac, Washington, urge our local, state and national officers to meet with their elected representatives to encourage them to stand with us to protect the sanctity of the mail.

Submitted by Branch 130 Tacoma, Washington
Passed at a Regular Branch Meeting on March 1st, 2007
Passed at WSALC Convention in SeaTac on May 20th, 2007

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