Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New resolution language

Okay, the delegates committee for the State Convention met, and we set up a resolutions committee to work up the language for the resolution. Here it is in its (nearly) final form:

Resolution to Oppose Warrantless Searches of US Mail

Whereas: The President of the United States has asserted the right to search our citizens' mail without a warrant, and

Whereas: The Congress, in passing the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2007, has specifically forbidden such searches without a court order, and

Whereas: The Fourth Amendment requires that no warrant be issued except on "probable cause", and

Allowing the President to engage in this practice threatens the ability of workers and organizers to operate without fear of being punished for their actions, and

Whereas: The high esteem of America's postal workers could be threatened if our customers believe we might be opening their mail, therefore be it

That we will oppose the President's interpretation of this law, and be it further

That we will urge our local, state and national officers to meet with their elected representatives to encourage them to act quickly in reversing this policy, and to share the results of those meetings with our membership.

This should get passed this Thursday. If you all get anything passed, let me know!

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