Friday, February 2, 2007

I did my best to push the issue with my union

Well, I did it. I went to my union meeting and fought for the following three proposals.

One, that we pass a resolution opposing the President's use of signing statements. That was pretty easy. The branch will usually pass resolutions because they know they're not going to achieve anything.

Two, that we form a special committee within the branch to organize our opposition to this move. The committee, the Civil Rights Committee, would be tasked with spreading the news in the media, researching more information, and reporting back to the branch. After a friendly amendment to scratch talking to the media, we voted. It failed, due to a lack support from the branch officers and the overwhelming disapproval by the retirees.

And Three, that we as a body endorse the Solidarity Charter of Postal Workers United Against Tyranny.

This also failed, as the group were unwilling to endorse a group they know nothing about. Therefore, I will have to work to inform my brothers and sisters about this group and what we're trying to achieve.

I've sent in a letter to our newsletter, so hopefully some folks that care about this will attend next month's meeting, in which I will resubmit these proposals.

Tell us how you're doing on your end, and we'll print anything you want made public. Send your submissions to this address!

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